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I'd like to share just a few testimonials...

  • "Chris is phenomenal to work with. She knew exactly where my problem areas were and made the session relaxing and comfortable. She shared so much knowledge and showed me things I could work on at home to continue healing. Absolutely loved it there and I will be going back." Michelle B


  • "Amazing experience, Chris was blessed with amazing hands." Brandi L


  • "It was my first time there tonight. .I already scheduled my next appointment! Chris is very skilled at what she does! I would recommend her to anyone!" Lisa S


  • "We had the corporate massage at work today and it was amazing!! I cannot wait to schedule a full body massage! I highly recommend Chris's services!!" Christine H


  • "Wow first massage/ rain drop therapy ever. Chris was amazing and it was done here in Altoona at the hive. Thank you!" Keli B


  • "I just had the best massage ever!! Chris did an amazing job.  I can't wait to come back." Kim F


  • "This is the first morning I woke up with not one mosquito bite after working in the garden... AND I didn't have to swat at one damn mosquito the entire time!!  thank you soooo much for the gifts, Chris Sheasley-Hileman!!!  To say "Ticked Off" is amazing would be an understatement!  It smells incredible, no greasy residue, all natural, and handmade with love....  PERFECT!!  THANK YOU!!"  Natalie O


  • "Approx. 2 weeks ago I had an amazing massage by Chris-Sheasley-Hileman at Roots & Branches.  I discussed my calves cramping with exercise and feeling hard as a rock.  She suggested I needed more magnesium.  I went home that night and upped my dosage of BioClease.  I'm happy to report no more calf cramping and my calves are no longer hard as a rock.  Thank you for your knowledge, Chris.  I'll be calling you soon for another massage!"  Chelsea R


  • "I just wanted to let you know that I am SOOO thankful for the magnesium rub you gifted us while we stayed... and also the cayenne salve. they both work wonders!! we are laying a 650 Sq foot floor, and by the end of the day I can barely move my joints so I come home and rub both of those all over. I can actually feel it working while I'm in bed and the next day, I can actually move again! Your medicine and work is amazing, just letting you know how much we appreciate!!" Natalie O

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