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Organic Cure All Salve:  This is one of my best-selling salves!  This is a natural, herbal anti-bacterial, antiseptic first aid salve for all skin wounds such as, rashes, cuts scrapes, burns, hot spots on pets, chapped lips, chafed skin, cracked-dry hands/feet, yet gentle enough to use on the baby's bottom.  2oz tin $8   4oz tin $15   "Take Along" size $2

Organic Cayenne Salve:  This deep red, healing salve is for nerve damage such as diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, muscle tension and general muscle over-exertion.  It does not burn the skin but internally brings warmth and healing circulation to the area you're treating, which promotes healing and relief.     2oz tin $8  4oz tin $15  "Take Along" size $2

Coyote Rub:    This salve goes to work immediately on sore, fatigued muscles.  Whether you're an athlete, an "overachiever" or you suffer from arthritis, neuropathy, etc... This should be in everyone's medicine cabinet!  2oz tin $10  4oz tin $20  "Take Along" size $2

Organic Black Drawing Salve: An effective, natural approach to healing blisters and drawing out splinters, thorns, ingrown hairs and infection.  This thick, rich salve soothes and protects a wound.  2oz tin $8   4oz tin $15

Organic Fungus Amungus Salve:  This dark green salve is full of herbal healing and is very effective on  yeast overgrowth and fungal issues such as athlete's foot, etc.  2oz tin $8   4 oz tin $15

Organic Arnica Ointment:  This premium Arnica Ointment is another "best seller" at Roots & Branches.  I solar and lunar infuse Arnica Montana flowers and St. John's Wort, aerial parts, in avocado and jojoba oils.  I use fair trade, organic, virgin, unrefined Shea Butter; virgin unrefined mango butter; organic, unrefined beeswax with the result of a creamy lotion that the skin drinks in.  2 oz $10   4oz $20  "Take Along" Size $3

Goddess Belly Balm: This delicate, healing balm is exceptional for pregnant tummies, however, its benefits don't stop there!  All the ingredients in this balm are organic, except for the vanilla oil.  A few of the plants in this remedy are Avocado oil, Rosehip Seed oil, Shea Butter, Calendula, Helichrysum......  Good for preventing stretch marks, fading scars, tightening the skin, anti-aging, heals cuts, scrapes, eczema and SO much more!  It smells divine with orange and vanilla oils!  A loofa is provided for dry brushing prior to application.  2 oz $10  4 oz $20  "Take Along" size $3


Organic Arnica, and St. John's Wort-Infused Massage Oil:  For pain, including nerve pain.  8oz bottle $15

Organic Happy Ear Oil:  Warm this comforting oil by placing the bottle in hot water.  Be sure to test  the oils' temperature before administering.  Due to the golden seal, this oil is anti-bacterial, on contact, soothing ear ache pain and it works alongside conventional medicine to help heal an ear infection sooner.   $12

Organic Raindrop Healing Oil:  You can now encourage the benefits of a Raindrop Healing Massage to last much longer by using this rich, organic oil between visits or just use it as a lovely body oil that balances and heals.  This oil includes all nine of the essential oils in a Raindrop Healing Session.  4oz bottle  $12     8oz bottle  $22


Noggin Soother Glycerite:  A sweet remedy for eliminating, alleviating and/preventing a migraine/headache.  -Even more effective when paired with Noggin Soother Tea and Noggin Soother Balm.  2oz $12

Organic Sweet Heart Tincture:  This is a lovely, gentle tonic that promotes and supports heart health.  It’s an excellent remedy to prevent the onset of heart issues.  Because one of the main ingredients is Hawthorne berry, it’s also soothing, emotionally, to the broken heart.  Completely safe to take along with prescribed heart medications.  2oz $12

Organic Nighty-Night tincture:  This tincture of organic valerian root is a perfect addition to Roots & Branches' Sawing Logs tea.  For those sleepless nights due to anxiety or Full Moon, add the Night Time CBD gummies we sell by Innovative extracts.  Chase the Nighty-Night tincture with our Sweet Slumber herb-infused honey. You'll sleep deep yet not wake with a "heavy head".  2oz $12

Organic Love Your Liver Tincture:  This is an excellent detox/cleanse for the liver.  Because it’s rich with burdock root, this tincture is nourishing to the kidneys, as well, and is grounding.  With free radicals, toxins in the air, water and food as well as pharmaceuticals, stress... our livers are taxed to the max!  This is one vital organ you don’t want to neglect.  Once the liver is cleansed, usually within four weeks, this tincture is good to take once a day to keep the liver nourished and strong.  2oz $12

Organic Brain Fog Tincture:  Do you experience “brain fog”?  Forgetfulness, being unfocused, being able to complete fewer tasks than before?  This tincture is for healthy brain function.  The number one comment I get is improved name recall (memory) in 3-4 weeks of use. 2oz $12

Organic Goldenrod Tincture:  Healing to the urinary tract, respiratory tract and lymphatic system.  It's a perfect choice to aide digestion.  Use this tincture, along with my Elderberry Syrup and quality probiotics for seasonal allergies!  2oz $12

Organic Rose Tincture:  This is one of those delicious, lovely, ancient remedies.  Mends the heart emotionally and physically.  Antidepressant, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, digestive stimulant, menstrual regulator, excellent for gall bladder, liver and kidneys  2oz $12

Organic Yeast & Parasite Zapper Tincture:  To cure yeast overgrowth and rid the body of parasites.  An EXCELLENT source of iodine, which has been proven to help lessen the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  A very effective combination for fungus and yeast overgrowth is to take this tincture while applying Fungus Among Us Salve topically.  For best results, you must take this tincture regularly and not stop when you begin to see results.   $12   TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

Organic Crampbark Tincture:   This tincture will work on pain in general, but it’s especially effective on cramping pain such as diarrhea cramps , pinched muscles, etc.  Crampbark tincture is perfect to relieve PMS cramps and is exceptional when partnered up with Motherwort Tincture for the nervine effects, which address the emotional PMS symptoms, as well as the uterine toning.  This product helps to lower blood pressure along with many other uses.   2oz $12

Aches Be Gone Tincture:   An amazing pain relieving formula infused with meadow sweet, willow bark and more.  Add to tea or chase with one of Roots & Branches herb-infused honeys!  2oz $12

Organic St. John's Wort Tincture:  A good remedy for sore, achy muscles.  Take this tincture before or after you overexert your body.  A very popular choice to help with certain types of depression.  Works nicely for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Also good for adrenal fatigue.  Do not use if you're already taking pharmaceuticals for depression, as it’s like doubling your medication.  Note that this herb has been known to "cancel out" birth control.  I prefer to provide this tincture after meeting with a client.  2oz $12

Organic Skullcap Tincture: Skullcap is a gentle nervine that improves blood flow to the brain. It's excellent for anxiety and the kind of insomnia that keeps you up at night because your thoughts won't settle. Anti-inflammatory; lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.  2oz $12

Organic Valerian Tincture: This tincture produces a calming and restorative effect on the body’s central nervous system
Helping with insomnia, OCD, ADD, anxiety and more… Add this tincture to Sweet Slumber Honey and/or Sawing Logs
Tea for a restful nights’ sleep.

Organic Aches Be Gone Liniment and Wound Disinfectant:  This remedy was originally created as a liniment for sore muscles but it’s the first thing I go to when someone has a wound that breaks the skin.  It’s an amazing disinfectant for cuts, brush burns, bug bites, etc.  $18/4 oz

Sprays/Steam Bags/Essences/ Etc.

Organic Ticked Off SprayIMPROVED FORMULA!  An exceptionally effective blend to repel ticks, fleas and mosquitoes! ESPECIALLY OFFENSIVE TO TICKS!  Shake well before every use.  Spray generously on clothing and skin. Reapply often. Safe for children and pets as well.     $15/4 oz    $30/8 oz    $40/12 oz    $40/16oz

Organic Breathe Easy Respiratory Steam Bags:  Steam is used to gently penetrate the mucosa of the body. Steam is warming and moistening and helps alleviate dryness in the body. Adding aromatic plants to hot, steamy water allows the plant’s volatile oils to combine with the steam. This creates a gentle way for aromatic constituents to enter the body in a more localized, and focused way.  Each respiratory bag has a 1/4 cup of mullein and thyme.  Each bag can be used over and over then composted.  2  respiratory bags/$5  or $3/each.

Bach Flower Essences:  Created specifically for your personal emotional needs.  I've never made two flower essences alike.  $20  -Lasts approximately 3 months.  Check out the Bach videos to understand this vibrational medicine better: 


Organic Elderberry SyrupNEW LOW PRICE!  One of the more delicious remedies that helps prevent or speeds the recovery of the cold/flu.  Elderberry Syrup not only improves your immune system, it kicks it into over-drive!  I've infused the current batches with elder flower and echinacea, to turn up the "anti-viral volume" a bit. $2/oz i.e. 4oz-$8; 8oz-$16; 16oz-$32;  32oz-ONLY $48

NEW!  Throat Coat Syrup: Ease a sore throat and kill a cold with this tasty remedy.  Made in a base of local, raw honey: cherry bark, hyssop, elder flower and elder berry.  8oz-$20


(Muslin tea bags, biodegradable tea bags and stainless steel tea infusers, tea balls and spoons for sale as well.)


Holiday Yule Tea: This is a holiday favorite!  Sweet Rooibos, CA Poppy, Peppermint, apples, blueberries, cranberries, pure vanilla powder......  No sweetner needed with this one!!  4oz $12

O Christmas Tea O Christmas Tea:  This one is caffeineated. Cocao nibs make this tea rich in minerals but irresistible!  4oz $12

NEW!  ChaimmuniTEA  This soul-warming chai tea brings back vitality and stimulates the immune system!  $3.50/bag   One bag makes 3-4 servings.

NEW!  Autumn Apple Butter Tea  This Fall tea blend is everything you want on a crisp Autumn day!  Apples, spices....  It's almost too pretty to pour boiling water over!  ...Almost!  Add Roots & Branches' herb-infused cinnamon honey for sweetness!  4oz./$15.  We only have 3 bags of this seasonal tea left!

Sawing Logs Herbal Tea  Soothe the nervous system and sleep deeply.  Enjoy the mellow, minty undertones and hints of citrus.  End your day and begin your nighttime regimen with this calming, organic tea blend.  4oz $15

Brain FunctionaliTEA  This tea is a great choice for mid afternoon, when you need that "brain boost".  Drinking this regularly has proven to improve short-term memory as well as overall cognitive functioning.  4oz $15

Organic Enchanted Forest Tea  Every sip of this organic herbal tea will bring the magic of the forest to you, even if you're in the most urban setting!  Full of healing herbs and berries!  Drink hot or cold.  3.2oz $15

Organic Flat Belly Tea  Your favorite tea is back!!  This delicious tea is blended for digestion, bloating, elimination and weight loss.   
4 oz./$15. 

Organic TranquiliTEA  A gentle, calming daytime blend that won't weigh you down. This has a delicious, gentle, easy flavor.

Organic "Furtle Murtle" Tea  A nourishing and supportive tea to increase fertility in women.  This tea is cleansing to the blood and liver, supportive to the uterus, it’s alkalizing, it has high mineral content, it’s building to the immune system, it relieves stress and it’s overall beneficial to the female reproductive system.  2 oz./$6

Organic Sacred Moontime Tea  This feminine tea, which I crafted to support, heal and soothe the symptoms of PMS will finally give you some relief from cramps, mood swings, nausea, headaches, etc. It's a plus that it's so mild and tasty! 2oz $6

Pregnancy Tea This nice blend helps keep nausea and digestive troubles at bay.  It's nourishing to the body and strengthening to the uterus.  4 oz./$7

Organic Evening Chill Tea This delicious tea calms the nervous and digestive systems.  These herbs help to relieve nervous stress, exhaustion, irritation and anxiety.  Put your feet up after a long day and sip at a cup of this delicious blend.  2 oz./$8

Respiratory Relief Tea This tea is chock-full of spectacular herbs (12 to be exact!!) to effectively support and mend any issues relating to the respiratory system. It's benefits, however, don't end at the respiratory system...  Its immunomodulating effects enhance your immune system's ability to protect and fight regardless of the environmentalchanges around you: -Bronchitis (chronic or acute) -Emphysema -Pneumonia -Asthma -Common cold -Flu..... 4oz/$17

Respiratory Relief Tea The purpose of this tea is to promote sweating and urination to help detox your body of a virus or bacteria.  I suggest you drink this hot while taking a hot epsom salt bath.  2 oz/$8

Noggin Soother Tea   Four words... lovely, bright, gentle and effective.  Relieve a headache/migraine or prevent them all together by drinking a few cups of this "lemony", anti-inflammatory tea each day.  Drink hot or cold.  Add honey, simple syrup, a lemon slice or nothing at all.  3oz/$10

Is there a better way to chase a bitter tincture or sweeten an herbal tea than raw honey?  No way!  

Hand-Crafted, Local, Raw, Herb-Infused Honeys

Sweet Slumber Honey:  Infused with chamomile, valerian root and kava kava. 8oz $15, 4oz $8

Sweet Immunity Honey:  Infused with herbs like elder flower, olive leaf, orange peel, cinnamon...  8oz $15, 4oz $8

Cinnamon-Infused Honey:  Some benefits are said to be:  Prevents heart disease, relieves arthritis, prevents hair loss, lessens and speeds up recovery of bladder infections, relieves a toothache, lowers cholesterol, boosts immune system, relieves indigestion, increases energy, and topically helps with acne... One favorite perk is that it makes the best cinnamon toast!  8oz $15, 4oz $8

Lavender and Vanilla-Infused Honey: Premium local, raw honey infused with organic lavender flowers and vanilla bean, strained and ready to use or gift. This is a favorite!  8oz $15, 4oz $8

Elderberry-Infused Honey: Exceptional local, raw honey infused with organic elderberries.  Another "one-two punch" to colds and flu viruses!  8oz $15, 4oz $8


Sacred Moon Bath Ritual Kit  FULL MOON:  Behind our polluted skies the moon is still shining down its intense powers.  What an incredible time to reflect on what no longer serves us.  Use this time to release and let go through cleansing and intention-setting during a sacred moon bath.  -Everything you need to make your bath a beautiful and effective experience!  $20

Full Moon Bath Salts: This is 4oz of Roots & Branches' Full Moon Bath Salts...  A beautiful, empowering addition to your Moon rituals.  $10

Sacred Moon Bath Ritual Kit  NEW MOON:  A New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle.  During this time, the Moon is empty and receptive and full of potential.  This is an optimum time to plant seeds of intention for what you wish to manifest in your life!  -Everything you need to make your New Moon Bath Ritual experience bear fruit!  $20

New Moon Bath Salts:  A 4oz jar of lovely, nourishing herbs and Salts to include in your Moon ceremonies.. $10

Valentines Day Bath Salts:  A lovely blend of rose and sandalwood oils, vanilla-infused brandy, pink Himalayan salt, jojoba oil with a sprinkling of rose petals.  Enough salt for two baths or four foot soaks. You'll find a lovely piece of rose quartz in the jar.  $15  Available only for Valentine's Day

All salt/sugar scrubs are made with the most natural ingredients, including organic jojoba extract!


Peppermint Mocha 4oz $10

Vanilla Sugar Cookie 4oz $10

Dead Sea Salt, Lavender and Raw Honey Scrub: Relaxing, skin healing, anti-aging....  4oz $12

Spicy Latte:  Warming, soothing, exfoliating, detoxing 4oz $10

!!My products have not been tested and/or evaluated by the FDA so my suggestions are for informational purposes only and not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or diseases!!




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